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Joy has graduated from a mediocre college for sake of a degree. An average student & has not trodden through the conventional route. But, now she is striking out a new path for herself. Passionately aim to build - Aliyda: A Blockchain-based platform for rape victims. This solution will address numerous acute pain points that cause unnecessary delay in the deliverance of justice.


Bringing the top of the pyramid knowledge to bottom of the pyramid students

Luckily, Joy has been part of a grass-root level initiative “Osive” which strives to achieve the goal of: “Bringing the top of the pyramid knowledge to bottom of the pyramid students”. This helped her evolve from a nobody to a person of value who could conduct technical knowledge imparting sessions at many Tier-2 and Tier-3 colleges.

Made grass-root level efforts along with my peers to formulate: “Talent Enrichment Pipeline”. Vision is to filter raw talent, enrich the students with core technical knowledge, and refine them to diamonds.


Talent Enrichment Pipeline

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The Trivial Ending


Journey Document

Proposed blockchain based solution to Amadeus for GDPR based personlaization during Smart India hackathon 2019

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With my team Brainstorming Cherries in Kerala during Smart India Hackathon

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Met Dan Kohn (Executive Director at Linux Foundation) at KubeCon 2020 India

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Conducted Hands-on Big Data Lab at Chandigarh University

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Met Deepak Lalan (Blockchain Associate Director at Accenture) at Global Fintech conference India 2019

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Student Volunteer at Tech Triveni Conference organized by Knoldus

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Attended Kubernetes Meet-up at Wework conducted by Knoldus Team India

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With Sanil Kumar, India Chief Architect Huawei (Currently opensource contributor at Soda Foundation)

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Met Docker Executive Director(Chicago),during his visit to India

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