Deliverables, Timelines and ROIΒΆ

We want to highlight these in the beginning so that they are clearly communicated and are not buried in the complexities of the approach & the projects covered in following sections. The total cost of 30K is going to be the lowest investment in the field of blockchain and the duration of 6 months is going to be the shortest for such enormous amount of deliverables.


  • Talented People

  • Lightboard videos & technical content

  • Projects : TenderBullet and Lawgicals

Timeline,Investments & ROI

Any investment at this early stage can only be considered speculative. Hence, We only seek sustenance of 5K cad dollars for 6 months (total=30K), that too, delivered in milestones of 15K initially , 5 K after 2 months and 10k at the end of 6 months. This minimizes the risk for all parties.

ROI, is in many forms, royalty from final products like TenderBullet & Lawgicals , share of Portingware. We are open to all forms of negotiations and partnerships . Intangible , returns in form of branding , etc can also be articulated at a later stage.