Research Papers we are currently studying

Adaptable Blockchain-Based Systems: A Case Study for Product Traceability

Aerial surveillance and airborne remote sensing techniques in Guardia

Analysis of the One-Level Sealed Bidding on Effectiveness under Different Bidding Variables

An Empirical Analysis of Bidding Behavior in Simultaneous Ascending-Bid Auctions

An Intelligent Bidding Strategy Based on Model-Free Reinforcement Learning for Real-Time Bidding in Display

Application of big data in electronic bidding

A review on consensus algorithm of blockchain

Bidding behavior and profits in pay-per-bid auctions

Bidding Price Game Model

Block bidding mechanism incorporating demand side participation

Blockchain as a Platform for Secure Inter-Organizational

Blockchain-Based Smart Contract for E-Bidding System

Blockchain in Developing Countries

dynamics of illicit drug consumption in a given population

Eyes in the Skies: A Data-Driven Fusion Approach to Identifying Drug Crops From Remote Sensing Images

A Blockchain Implementation for the Cataloguing of CCTV Video Evidence

A Distributed-Ledger Consortium Model for Collaborative Innovation

A Legally Relevant Socio-Technical Language Development for Smart Contracts

A Massive Analysis of Ethereum Smart Contracts Empirical Study and Code Metrics

An Efficient Strategy to Eliminate Malleability of

An Improved Proof-of-Trust Consensus Algorithm for Credible Crowdsourcing Blockchain Services

Approaching Non-Disruptive Distributed Ledger Technologies via the Exchange Network Architecture

A Self-Aware Contract for Decentralized Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Commerce

A Survey on Security Verification of Blockchain Smart Contracts

Automatic smart contract generation using controlled natural language and template

Beagle: A New Framework for Smart Contracts Taking Account of Law

Bitcoin, An SWOT Analysis

Blockchain Application for Central Banks: A Systematic Mapping Study

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Blockchain–Based Location Proof Generation and Verification

Blockchain-Oriented Software Engineering: Challenges and New Directions

Blockchain Potential Contribution to Reducing Corruption Vulnerabilities in the Brazilian Context

Blockchain Solutions for Forensic Evidence

Blockchain Solutions for Forensic Evidence Preservation in IoT Environments

BRUSCHETTA: An IoT Blockchain-Based Framework for Certifying Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supply Chain

BSFP: Blockchain-Enabled Smart Parking with Fairness, Reliability and Privacy Protection

Building an Inclusive Distributed Ledger System

Building a prototype based on Microservices and Blockchain technologies for notary’s office: An academic experience report

Countering Block Withholding Attack Efficiently

Cryptocurrencies—A Forensic Challenge or Opportunity for Law Enforcement? An INTERPOL Perspective

Deanonymization of Litecoin Through Transaction-Linkage Attacks

Deanonymizing Cryptocurrency With Graph Learning: The Promises and Challenges

Dependable Public Ledger for Policy Compliance, a Blockchain Based Approach

Design Patterns for Smart Contracts in the Ethereum Ecosystem

Development of the Application for Diploma Authenticity Using the Blockchain Technology

Digital Forensics

From Domain-Specific Language to Code: Smart Contracts and the Application of Design Patterns

From Institutions to Code: Towards Automated Generation of Smart Contracts

From Legal Agreements to Blockchain Smart Contracts

GDPR Compliant Consent Driven Data Protection in Online Social Networks: A Blockchain-Based Approach

GDPR Compliant Consent Driven Data Protection in Online Social Networks: A Blockchain-Based Approach

Guideline for enterprise to a Value Plan through Blockchain and ICO

Highly-Distributed Systems Based on Micro-Services and their Construction Paradigms

Increasing Trust in Tor Node List Using Blockchain

Interactive Incontestable Signature for Transactions Confirmation in Bitcoin Blockchain


Key Escrow Protocol Based on a Tripartite Authenticated Key Agreement and Threshold Cryptography


Law as a Service (LaaS): Enabling Legal Protection over a Blockchain Network

Legally Binding Anonymous Multiparty Commitments on a Blockchain

Legally Speaking: Smart Contracts, Archival Bonds, and Linked Data in the Blockchain

Legal smart contracts in Ethereum Block chain: Linking the dots

Log File Authentication and Storage on Blockchain Network

Make Users Own Their Data: A Decentralized Personal Data Store Prototype Based on Ethereum and IPFS


PoPF: A Consensus Algorithm for JCLedger

Privacy-Aware Cloud Ecosystems and GDPR Compliance

Privacy in the Internet of Things

Proposed classification of blockchains based on authority and incentive dimensions

Redactable Blockchain using Enhanced Chameleon Hash Function

Research and Application of Blockchain Technology in Transportation Administrative Law Enforcement

Runtime Verification of Ethereum Smart Contracts

Self-Aware Smart Contracts with Legal Relevance

Signing Blockchain Transactions using Qualified Certificates

SmaCoNat: Smart Contracts in Natural Language

Smart Contracts: Automated Stipulations on Blockchain

Smart Contracts: Legal Considerations

Smart will converting the legal testament into a smart contract

Solving the Buyer and Seller’s Dilemma

Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Anode Recess on the Electrical Characteristics of  Schottky Diodes With Gated Edge Termination

Survey of consensus protocols on blockchain applications

Sustainable blockchain-enabled services: Smart contracts

The Internet of Things ecosystem

The Risks and Challenges of Implementing Ethereum Smart Contracts

Towards Governance and Dispute Resolution for DLT and Smart Contracts

Tracking GDPR Compliance in Cloud-based Service Delivery

When Blockchain Meets the Right to Be Forgotten: Technology versus Law in the Healthcare Industry

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